You may think Pentecost was first mentioned in Acts, but it was actually a holiday celebrated throughout Jewish history and is talked about 5 times in the Old Testament. It was commemorated 50 days after the Festival of the First Fruits and represented the beginning of the harvest. How fitting is it that when Jesus ascended into heaven His followers were celebrating Pentecost and became filled with the Holy Spirit? The church grew by over 3,000 people in just 1 day! That’s some harvest!

I encourage you today to reflect on the promises and the power that the Holy Spirit brings into your life. He is your leader, encourager, comforter, and teacher. He gives you boldness and strength, especially when it comes to sharing the gospel with others. Just look at Peter, who denied even knowing Jesus just 40 days before he was seen preaching the news of His resurrection to thousands of people! If you are brave, try asking the Holy Spirit to give you that same boldness…just be prepared because Scripture says if you ask you will receive.

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