Adoption Journey

When we brought our Polish children home there was a lot we had to go through to get them healthy. These poor kids suffered through tons of shots, doctor’s appointments, nights in the hospital, IVs, urine samples, stool samples, massive dental work, and serious digestion issues.

There were many days they would just cry and the look in their eyes was saying to me: “why is this happening mommy? I don’t understand. I thought life was going to get better. I thought you loved us. I don’t understand the pain you are putting me through.” It broke my heart. I couldn’t speak their language, but I wanted to tell them how much I loved them. I wanted them to know what they were going through was for their good. I wanted to say that my plans were to prosper them, not harm them, to give them hope and a future. But I couldn’t.

So, I just wrapped my arms tightly around their little bodies and cried with them.You might be in a place right now in your life that doesn’t make sense. It might be painful or scary. God wants you to know He loves you. His heart is breaking for you. He might not be able to explain to you what is happening because you don’t speak His language, but He has a plan for your life. A plan to prosper you, not harm you, to give you hope and a future.

God is good and everything He does is for our good. He doesn’t promise there will be no storms, but He does promise to be with you with His arms wrapped tight around your little body.

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