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Are you ready for a new BONUS VIDEO?! I am honored to introduce you to my beautiful daughter in law, Dinah Grace Hauck. She is going to share some interesting facts about King David including his rise to power, his shortcoming, and his incredible love for the Lord. This video is going to help you understand why he was called the greatest king to ever live.  

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Have you ordered the Coming to Life Workbook? This resource is different from the Bible study you are probably used to.  It is going to give you history, fun facts, and information about every book of the Bible.  It is going to show you how the books fit together, how the Bible is divided, and how it is applicable to you today.  It will give you a foundational understanding of God’s story so that as you dig deeper you will be able to better comprehend what you are reading and be more effective in your personal studies.

The workbook will help you remember what you are learning, give you some great resources, and guide you in reading the Bible all the way through in one year.

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  1. Great information on David….. Dinah is a wonderful speaker, so confident and knowledgeable thanks for having her share with us all those facts about David

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