Gifts Explained

In a world where we typically bring diapers and onesies as gifts for a newborn, did you ever stopand wonder why the wisemen brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh? It was more than just theextreme value of these items.Each one has a deeper, spiritual meaning.


This was a precious and treasured commodity. It was hard to come by so generally onlyroyaltypossessed it.This gift signified that Jesus was a king.


This was a resin created from the bark of a native tree which emitted a strong andpleasing aroma.It was burned as an act of reverence, signifying that Jesus was holy and worthyof our worship.


This was a bitter spice used when preparing a body for burial.It signified Jesus’humanity and the sacrifice He was going to make when He died on the cross.It was customary to bring gifts when appearing before someone of great importance and it isnoteworthy how these gifts were given directly to Jesus even though he was just a child.More remarkable than these valuable treasureswas the gift they gave of their worship.

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