God’s Definition of Good (#2)

If it is proven that man is bad, but he is bad because of the corruption of his nature due to Adam’s sin, can he really be held accountable for his actions? Jesus warns in Matthew 12:36 that all men will have to give an account on the day of judgement. Paul writes in Revelation 20:12 that all will be judged according to their works. It would be logical to think that man’s sin turned God against Him, but that’s not correct.

God loved man so much that He went to the ultimate degree to make him able to boldly stand before His Holy righteousness1 . He did this by sending his beloved son to earth to take the punishment for man’s sin by shedding His blood on the cross. This sacrifice was made for the entire world and salvation is now available to the all men. Romans 10:10 explains that if you believe in your heart that Jesus died for your sins and confess it with your mouth then you will be saved. It is as simple as that.

Man was given freewill when God created him. Adam used that freewill to sin, but man can now use it to take away the accountability for that sin. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments not because he desired to condemn man, but to convict him of his sinfulness and help him see how desperately he needs a Savior. God not only sacrificed his son as a propitiation for the world’s sin, but He also sent the Holy Spirit to help convict the world of their immoral acts (John 16:8). Paul, the author of Galatians, explains that if one walks in the Spirit, he will have help denying the lusts of the flesh such as adultery, hatred, selfishness, and envy (Galatians 5:16-17).

The Spirit gives believers love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Paul also describes in his letter to the Romans that when Christ raised from the dead and walked in newness, that same newness was granted to all believers (Romans 6:4). He goes on to say that sin has no dominion over a Christian (Romans 6:14). Man is responsible for his sins but God not only took away the penalty for those sins, but also gave him every necessary tool to conquer temptation and have victory over them2.

Man can still choose not to accept the undeserved gift of Salvation that the Lord freely offered, but then he must accept the punishment for his unrighteousness. 

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