Holy Week Wednesday

You might know today as Silent Wednesday, but it was not really silent.  There was a lot happening in Jerusalem as many had come to town to celebrate the Passover.  It is estimated over 2 million extra people were there so you can imagine the hustle and bustle.  Also, the religious leaders, who were furious with Jesus, were likely busy preparing for the arrest and trial of Jesus.

Some mark Wednesday as the day Satan entered Judas and Judas agreed to betray Jesus for a small amount of silver.  Some put this event on Tuesday.  Scripture is not completely clear.  

So why do we call it Silent Wednesday?  

It is because Scripture doesn’t tell us what Jesus did on this day.  It is silent about His actions.

Most theologians and scholars believe He was spending the day alone in prayer, communing with His Father as He prepared for what was about to happen.  Whether this is true or not, we do know that Jesus had faith that whatever He needed, His Father would provide

Many times in Scripture we are shown where Jesus goes off on His own to pray.

He sets the perfect example for us on how we should react when we are faced with something frightening or we’re afraid we won’t have the strength to endure.

If you have something going on this week that is overwhelming or causing you to fear, I encourage you to have your own Silent Wednesday.  

Spend some time alone in prayer communing with your Father.

He wants to give you peace – a peace that surpasses all understanding.

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