How to overcome the HATERS and THRIVE

Have you ever had someone dislike you or judge you because of something they believe about you that just isn’t true? I have! I’m sure you have too and that’s a really tough thing! Believe me, if I told you the list of people that didn’t like me because of what they thought…that would take a while. It probably started back when I married the love of my life, who happens to be 15 years older than me, and successful. You can imagine what people were saying about my motives, but that’s because they didn’t know my heart. People make assumptions and judgments based on what they think, what they hear, what they believe about your actions, your thoughts, your motives, and even your beliefs.  

I just want to encourage you if you’re going through something like that today. I just want to give you three little pieces of information that the Lord gave me, that I would like to share with you.

Don’t defend yourself.

I know that’s really hard! I know you say I have to defend myself, they must know that what they’re saying isn’t true! But the Bible tells us to be still and let God fight the battles for us. Generally, when we want to defend ourselves it comes from a position of pride and God says humble yourself and trust me. That’s difficult isn’t it – but guess what – dying to self isn’t supposed to be easy.

Their opinions are irrelevant.

There is no one’s opinion of you that matters. Proverbs 29 tells us it’s dangerous to worry about what other people think of us because if you are serving the Lord, if you are in a relationship with Him, praying to Him, spending time with Him, and trying to be obedient to His word, then His opinion of you is the only one that matters! Do you know what His opinion of you is? Let me just tell you the few that I wrote down.

  • He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made!
  • You are crowned with glory and honor!
  • You are righteous through His son Jesus Christ!
  • You are a saint, servant, steward, and soldier!
  • You have a purpose and a future! You are loved, valued, and chosen!

My friends, that is the only thing that matters!

Don’t make assumptions about people.

Don’t be one of those people that makes assumptions about others based on something you’ve heard or the way they dress or something they’ve done in their past. Just trust in the Lord and love them and give them the benefit of the doubt. When you love someone, not only is that God’s greatest command, but it’s also how His disciples will be known! 

Now go and let your light shine! 

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