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Pray God’s Word

Heavenly Father, you promise that I can have confidence in approaching you and that you hear my prayers. Well, sometimes I am just not sure what to pray. Fill me with your Spirit so that in my weakness He can intercede. Help me abide in you so I can pray in accordance with your will. Make me righteous so there is great power in my prayers and give me faith so I can receive. I want to continue steadfastly in prayer and be watchful in it with thanksgiving. Put your desires in my heart as I delight in you and show me your compassion for others so I can intercede on their behalf. Thank you that you are here with me while I pray. I love you and give you all the glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today’s prayer came from 1 John 5, Romans 8, John 15, Matthew 21, Colossians 4, Psalm 37, and Matthew 18

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