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These last ten days were spent serving as a companion in a hospital to a couple of dear friends who were receiving treatment. There were about 30 other people at the facility and many of them were facing what the doctors would call a death sentence. While we were there Jesus showed up and through us we saw salvation, restoration, repentance, hope, and a peace that surpassed all understanding. It was incredible.

Near the end of our trip I discovered there were 4 other people with us who were or had been pastors. I was disappointed that it took someone telling me who they were because their actions and words did not show me. At the same time, I was grateful because we may have sat back and waited for them to spread the gospel.

All too often, as Christians, we think the pastors will do the hard work. They are the ones with the education. They are the ones with the experience. They are the ones with the calling. Friends, I am here to tell you that you have the same calling. It doesn’t take an education or any experience to tell others about Christ. It just takes 2 things. 

  • A genuine belief that God is good.
  • A love for His children.

 I pray that everywhere you go today people can tell whose follower you are because your words and actions scream Jesus. Someone’s life and eternity may depend on it.

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