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We brought my son home to live with us just days before Christmas.  He became sick immediately and spent his first Christmas Eve riding in an ambulance to a children’s hospital where he was poked and prodded throughout the night. He didn’t speak English, so not only was he terrified, but the doctors had a tough time trying to figure out what was wrong with him, which is why there were so many tests.  I’m positive that was not the American Christmas he’d been hoping for. 

We went to bed frustrated, exhausted, and disappointed.  We woke up Christmas morning to a jolly laugh in the distance. We were surprised when we saw Santa and his two little elves walking through the hospital. They came to our door and brought my son a gift.

Santa was a local man, and the two little elves were his young children.  Do you know it wasn’t even 8:00 in the morning yet?  That means this family woke up and, before opening a single gift under the tree, spent their morning giving to others.  I still can’t think about that story without getting emotional. 

What a beautiful picture of love. We often get wrapped up in the busyness of Christmas and spend the holidays focused on what we need to accomplish or what we need to buy. I just want to put out this reminder, for myself and for you, that the most important thing we can focus on is how we can share the love of Jesus. <3 

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