The New Jerusalem

The final chapters of the book of Revelation are extremely important to a believer.  They take the focus off the temporary world in which they exist and place it on the eternal.1  God’s promises are fulfilled.  He wipes away every tear, removes death and pain, and makes all things new.2  At this time, God creates a holy city called New Jerusalem that carries great spiritual importance.  This article will describe that new city, explain its relationship with the new heaven and new earth, and the show the significance of this city being referred to as a bride. 

New Jerusalem will be approximately fifteen hundred miles long, fifteen hundred miles wide and fifteen hundred miles high.3  The city will shine with the glory of God and its brilliance will be like that of jasper though clear as crystal.4  There will be great walls, not because they city needs to be able to defend itself, but it will be in order to give it definition and illustrate that some of mankind was unable to enter the city.5  There will be twelve gates, three on each side, with one of the names of the twelve tribes written on each.  This communicates the unity and heritage of the Israelites and shows that God will eternally remember them.6  Each will be made of a single pearl and will be guarded by an angel.7 The city will have twelve foundations bearing the names of the twelve apostles as a testimony of the early church.8  Each of these layers of foundation will be made from precious stones; jasper, sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, ruby, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, turquoise, jacinth, and amethyst.9  These stones will form a galaxy of varied colors, like a rainbow with every shade reflected, creating a breathtakingly amazing sight.10  The streets will be made of gold and as pure as transparent glass.11 All these riches are not to give the impression of fortune or luxury, but to illustrate the incredible value of what God is creating for His beloved people.12  In the city there will be no need for a temple as God and Jesus will be the eternal temple, accessible by all.13  Every area will be the holy dwelling place of God.14 There will also be no sun, no moon, and no stars because God’s glory will be all the light needed.  The river of life, clear as crystal, will be flowing from the throne of God down the middle of the city. 15 The fact that the water is coming from God’s throne proves it will be abundant and pure.16  On each side of the river will stand the tree of life, which has not been seen by mankind since the Garden of Eden, confirming that the curse is gone forever. 17 

God will create a new heaven and a new earth, replacing the broken one that now exists.  New Jerusalem will come down from heaven and will be suspended above the earth as if floating in space.18  It will be the final and eternal bond between heaven and earth.19  The fact that it comes from Heaven will signify that it is a gift from God and more impressive than anything man could ever create.20  The saints will not live in New Jerusalem, they will reside on the new earth, but will travel here to worship and commune with their Creator.21   

In John’s incredible vision of heaven, an angel refers to the holy city of New Jerusalem as the bride and wife of the Lamb.  As a bride prepares for her wedding, she puts an enormous amount of work into looking beautiful for her future husband.  God uses the illustration of a bride to demonstrate the exquisite beauty of this new creation and the love he put into it.22  New Jerusalem is the place where the bride of Christ, the church, will gather and God wants it to be perfect.  This illustration portrays two attributes of the holy city, one being God’s relationship with His people and the other the life of His people living in communion with Him.23

Those that will be present in New Jerusalem will be the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the angels, the elders, and all the redeemed.24 What is not there is even more significant.  In New Jerusalem there will be no tears, no death, no sorrow, no pain, and no darkness.25 God’s people will walk in the glory of God and dwell in His presence for all eternity.  The gates will never be shut and nothing impure will ever enter.26 It will be a place of pure worship, joy, beauty, and knowledge.27  God and the Lamb will reign for ever and ever.28  Best of all is that Jesus promises He will be returning soon and, in the meantime, He is preparing this place for all of His followers.

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  1. I remember the first time I saw The Epic campus where our son started his first job out of college. It was such an amazing place that my chest hurt and I was brought to tears. In reading about the New Jerusalem I think about the song “I can only Imagine” ….. I know that I will be brought to my knees and I will be unable to speak at all….. the beauty snd love of Jesus is truly more than I can imagine….. I await that day with much anticipation. Prepare to be amazed!
    I recently listened to Pastor Ron West speak on the people being “amazed” at Jesus during his preaching on earth. The word “amazed” in original Greek means “to drive someone out of their senses by a sudden shock or strong feeling; to be exceedingly struck in the
    Mind, causing the person to be filled with a amazement to the point of being overwhelmed; in current terminology…. to blow your mind”.
    I know that only begins to describe how I will feel upon seeing the New Jerusalem.
    Thank you for the reminder of another of the promises of Jesus ❤️

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