The Prodigal Son

Have you ever read the story of the prodigal son? 

It goes something like this: the younger son runs away and spends his entire inheritance. He realizes he was wrong and comes home. His father accepts him back with open arms, but his older brother throws a fit and refuses to come to his brother’s party because his dad has never thrown him a celebration and he’s the good one.

Did you ever notice that there is no conclusion to this parable?

We don’t know if the younger son continues to do well or if the older son ever came into the party.  This lack of an ending is not a mistake.  God did this on purpose.  He wants you to think about where you fit in this story and then write your own ending.  

So, ask yourself which one am I?

If you are the son that’s been sinning, make the decision to come home.  Right now.  Let’s have a party!

If you are the older son who thought being good could get you into heaven, accept that your sin is too deep, but Jesus loves you enough to take the punishment you deserve.

Or if you have accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation but don’t have the love & forgiveness of the father- make the decision to change.  To love those who hurt you and to celebrate those who come home.

Write your own ending.

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