Through the Bible – Genesis

If you are reading through the Bible with me, you should have started Genesis. To finish the Bible in one year, plan to read 3-4 chapters per night. If you don’t – it’s ok! It’s not about “getting it finished” it’s about spending time with the Lord and getting to know Him better.

I believe that if you want to understand the Bible, then you must understand this book. It is the very foundation of our faith because everything starts here. Creation, sin, God’s plan of redemption, marriage, family, & government all begin in Genesis.

I have a great video on this book filled with fun facts and easy-to-understand information but here’s what’s most important:

  • God knew man would sin and He had a plan of redemption from the beginning.
  • He established that plan through Abraham and later reaffirmed it with Isaac and then Jacob.
  • Genesis sets the stage for the ultimate fulfillment of that plan which would come years later when His Son Jesus came to earth to set us free for eternity.
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