True Light

The gospel of John was written so that we might believe. His introduction is one of the most profound passages in all of Scripture. I love the verse below which says Jesus, who is the true light that gives light to everyone, is finally coming into the world. The world was in darkness, and still is today, but Jesus offers hope and joy. His birth is the most beautiful picture of God’s immense love. Through Jesus we can leave the darkness behind. 

Every day I pray with my children for them to allow the light of Christ to shine through them onto everyone they meet so that others might be able to know His love.

This week I am saying that same prayer for you. That the kindness, love, compassion, and grace which Jesus pours onto you will be spilled over onto everyone you meet.  I pray that His light will be used to conquer the darkness someone else is facing and will bring joy and peace to all people.  Let’s love so much this Christmas week that the unbelievers ask why – and then let’s tell them about the glorious birth of the True Light.

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