What are Different Types of Fasts?

There are several types of fasts. I’m going to list the most common ones.

1. Regular fast: this means no food or drink – water only. This is the type of fast Jesus did, which is talked about in Matthew 4 & Luke 4.

2. Partial fast: this can mean a few different things. One is to abstain from a particular food or only eat particular foods. This is the type of fast Daniel did which is described in Daniel 1. You can also skip a mean or only eat during certain hours.

3. Liquid Fast: this means you do not eat solid foods, only liquid. This is different than a regular fast because you can drink any liquid – juicing is common.

4. Absolute Fast: this means you do not eat any food or drink any liquid at all – even water. Esther, Mordecai, and the Jews in Susa did this according to Esther 4. They fasted for 3 days and 3 nights. Paul also did a 3 day fast just after being blinded by the sight of Jesus on the road to Damascus. This is described in Acts 9.

5. Non-Food Fast: this is giving up something other than food for the Lord. It can be soda, shopping, television, swearing, smoking, or anything else.

6. Supernatural Fast: this is a long period of time without eating or drinking anything – longer than what your body could typically survive. Moses did this for 40 days – abstaining from all food and drink.

Obviously, you need to speak with a doctor before attempting any fast if you have any health issues.

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