What is Communion?

Jesus first modeled communion in Matthew 26, Luke 22, and Mark 14. This was His last meal with the disciples before He was crucified. They were celebrating the Passover, which reminded them of how God brought them out of their bondage in Egypt. What Jesus was about to do was bring all of us out of bondage as well, the bondage of sin and death.

When He broke the bread and gave it to his disciples said, “Do this in remembrance of me”. This is why the church takes communion. All churches do it at different times and on different schedules, but I once heard a pastor ask, “How often do you need to be reminded of what Jesus did for you?” Truthfully, the answer for me was EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As much as I attempt to allow the Holy Spirit to guide my days, I still fail regularly. I forget how Great our God is. I forget that Jesus calls me holy and redeemed. I forget that He gives me power in His name. I forget that He has freed me from the law of the covenant and grants me unrelenting grace. Communion isn’t a religious service that a minister must lead you in. It is a time of worship and thanks that you can partake in alone, with a group of friends, at your home in your closet, or at your kitchen table – it doesn’t matter.

Communion is an opportunity to remind yourself of how much Jesus loves you and remind yourself to give him thanks for that undeserved love. When you partake of the bread and the wine, you are partaking in everything Jesus’ sacrifice provided: salvation, peace, healing, prosperity, forgiveness, grace, love, power, strength, patience, faithfulness, and more.

Many believe this should be a somber moment. While what was accomplished on the cross is something incredibly deep, it is also something we should celebrate! He has restored our lives! He has taken away the bondage of sin and death! Our God sent His son to die for us because He loves us so much and wants us to have life in abundance. We have been set free! That is something to be joyous about!

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