When the world portrays angels in art, literature, or a movie, they are generally beautiful women wearing flowing white dresses donning a golden halo above their heads. This is a concocted, inaccurate depiction of what an angel looks like. Angels are spirit beings, who do not possess flesh and bone, but who have manifested themselves to humans many times throughout the Bible. They have come as cherubim, seraphim, or messengers. Two of the messengers are mentioned specifically by name – Michael and Gabriel. They are called, “mighty ones who do His bidding” in Psalm 103:20.

These beings look like men, are called princes, fight great spiritual battles, and are so mighty they frighten everyone they come to speak with. Scripture tells us that Daniel fell to his face, Zachariah was overcome with fear, and Isaiah thought he was about to be destroyed when an angel appeared before each of them.

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