Don’t Give Up: Simon Peter

Simon Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples. Even though he walked daily with the Lord, he messed up a lot. He misinterpreted the parables, tried to keep children away from Jesus, argued about which disciple was the greatest, tried to walk on water but started to sink because of fear, failed to stay awake and pray with Jesus in the garden, cut off a man’s ear, and denied even knowing Jesus after His arrest. You would think Jesus would have completely rejected him, especially because he was supposed to be one of His very best friends. I don’t know about you, but if it were me, at some point I would get tired of showing him grace. I am so incredibly thankful that Jesus is not me! He never gets tired of forgiving us and his mercy is everlasting.

Simon Peter was shown grace, even though he did not deserve it. He was the first of the twelve disciples that Jesus appeared to, and he was lovingly restored to his position as a disciple during a meeting with Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. He went on to become the leader of the disciples, he preached the first evangelical message where 3,000 people were saved, and he played a vital role in the formation of the early church. It is amazing what God can do through broken, messed-up people.

Don’t Give Up.

Have you ever messed up? Do you feel like God can’t use you because of the wrong you’ve done? Those three simple words are for you. Don’t give up. There is nothing you have done that is greater than the sacrifice Jesus made for you. His death on the cross provided forgiveness for all your sins. Go to Him, repent, and believe. Then just wait because He is going to use you in mighty ways. Just like Simon Peter, He has a plan and a purpose for your life…and it is good!

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